Records Shelf out of oak Oak VLO design vinyl cover vinyl

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Records Shelf out of oakYou finally know what to do with the cover of the record that is playing! You can also just show your favorite cover !!!- Dimensions: 2.4cm x 4cm x 38cm (one cover)- Handmade in Germany- Material:oak, aged 30 years.finely send and oiled.- Installation:The installation is not visible! The shelf is simply pushed onto two screws screwed into the wall. Screws and dowels are included.About us Based in Berlin and founded by designer Clémence Grieco, VLO design is an independent workshop that creates and produces unique and limited editions of objects and luminaries. Influenced by industrial architecture and American Visual Arts from the 60's, Clémence Grieco's production is characterized by the rigor in her work with shapes, by specific choices of materials and precision in the execution. 4.6 (from 1548 reviews) 38.99EUR Suppliers: In stock